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polishing concrete floors

polishing concrete floors . Recently, specialized companies have noticed an increase in demand for concrete floors of

all kinds and shapes.

It has also become known to many customers and is very widespread, whether in their homes or workplaces.

Concrete floors have excellent operational properties, in addition to having a high degree of strength, due to several

reasons, the most important of which are the following:

The first reason is the low rate of dust removal, and the second reason is the resistance to all chemical influences and


The third reason is that the cost of concrete floors is relatively low compared to other types of floors.

But with all these advantages that concrete floors enjoy, but it will come in time and be repaired,

That is, the repair of concrete floors will be done anyway.

polishing concrete floors

Despite the strength and rigidity of concrete floors, it takes time and is exposed to damage and needs to repair

concrete floors.

Whereas, despite the strength of the base, the floor and the foundations, it is constantly exposed to a variety of

different influences.

Such as chemical and mechanical effects.

These effects lead to the emergence of a problem or some problems on the surface of concrete floors,

This in turn leads to the desire to repair concrete floors quickly.

As the repair of concrete floors has become a necessity that must happen, as the methods and possibilities are

modern and developed,

It can repair concrete floors.

In addition to getting rid of all forms and manifestations of damage to the exterior paint, in addition, these modern

methods can successfully eliminate most of the damage caused by damage.

Then, after these repairs, the concrete floor can return to what it was in the past, and it can also regain its original aesthetic appearance.

In other words, in the end, the beauty of concrete floors can be restored.

If you want to repair concrete floors in an excellent and professional manner,

You must assign this task to a large company that has enough experience.

We recommend Royal Concrete Floors Company, which will do this task to the fullest,

and polishing concrete floors.

As it works on repairing concrete floors in high quality ways.

As ensuring that the task is completed to the fullest and in a professional manner, you will be guaranteed to increase

the life span of the concrete floors,

It will also save you a lot of money, and it will also save you money if you resort to making a new concrete floor, as

you will not need to.

Before you start any work regarding the repair of concrete floors, you must first begin with a comprehensive

diagnosis of the damage to the coating,

Then it determines the causes of this damage and damage to the concrete floors with a high degree of accuracy.

After completing these steps with great accuracy, you will know the cause of the damage to the floor, and therefore

you will determine the technology used in the repair,

The best way to repair concrete floors.

What are the reasons that cause damage and damage to concrete floors?

There are many causes and factors that cause damage and damage to concrete floors, we can summarize these

reasons in several points as follows:-

Soil problems

Experts in the field of concrete floor repair have gathered, with the view that the first and main reason for damage to

concrete floors is the occurrence of problems in the soil.

These problems include swelling of the soil in winter, as occurs in poorly heated rooms, and weak soil pressure.

In addition to the weakness and shrinkage of the soil body over time, the emergence of moisture problems and many

other problems.

In all these cases of soil problems, the outward appearance of the concrete floors can be very decent and attractive

and does not appear to be any kind of damage,

But if any of these defects were discovered, it is necessary to repair it and rebuild it again. and polishing concrete floors

internal reasons

Usually, among these reasons is the occurrence of cracks as a result of shrinkage or lack of adequate care of the

surface of the floors in the first hours of implementation.

Then there is also the reason for peeling a concrete layer from the surface. In the event of these cases only, we do not

resort to repairing the surface of the concrete floors.

Only after the restoration of these internal causes.

External influences

There are many external influences from the surrounding environment that cause damage to concrete floors.

These factors affect the floors, as well as lead to their destruction, such as the presence of concrete dust as a result of

the natural corrosion of the surface of the coating.

In addition to drilling and exposure to floors with heavy objects that lead to friction on the surface, in addition to

chemical corrosion.

If the damage to the surface does not affect the entire surface of the floor, the necessary measures are taken and all

these defects are removed.

Concrete floors can also be reinforced with new special compounds.

When the damage to the surface of the floor affects it greatly and affects the entire surface of the floor, repairing the

defects will not be sufficient.

In this case, the old concrete floor must be removed and a new, better concrete floor constructed.

It is known that the defects of concrete floors are divided into several types according to the degree of damage.

The most common problem and damage that occurs in the concrete floor is the appearance of cracks.

Repairing cracks in concrete floors

Cracks can appear on the surface of different concrete floors, whether they are small or large, and deeper cracks need

more time and financial cost will also increase.

Repairing small cracks in concrete floors

Repairing small cracks in concrete floors does not take much time, nor does it require the use of equipment or

complex repair methods.

Therefore, the crack must be eliminated with a comprehensive examination, and this will also help to determine the

location of the damage and the location of small cracks in the floors.

It will also ignore what leads to negative damages in particular later.

In addition, potholes can appear on the surface of the ground, if you want to prevent this situation from happening,

you must use a chisel and walk along the crack.

This is done by clicking on the tool with a hammer, this procedure will help to discover small cracks that can be

eliminated later.

Also, by using the same chisel, a crack can be formed in the surface of the concrete floors like a regular cone, then the

dust and all debris are removed from it, and the crack itself is poured with water.

This is the stage of preparation for repairing cracks in the concrete floor. After completion, the cement mixture must

be prepared, to which PVA glue is added.

The result should be a fairly liquid composition that is poured into the cracks. When pouring the mixture, it must be

remembered that it will shrink. That’s why you have to fill the solution above floor level.

Excess can be removed with a wooden spoon or an ordinary wooden board. After drying the cement mortar, use a

grinder to treat the surface of the floor,

Deep crack repair

If a fairly large and deep crack is found in the concrete floor, the existing methods will not help.

Therefore, when starting work, a circular saw should be used to make special cuts along the existing cracks.

In order to completely eliminate the deformed concrete floor, they are necessary. It should be noted that when

working with circular saws,

Diamond saw blades are used. Using a chisel and hammer, all concrete must be removed from the cut. The resulting “flaps” remove dust,

This will lead to the improvement of mortar and concrete,

If there are small cracks, pour a previously prepared cement mortar into the crack a little above ground level.

Next, the surface of the earth must be tamped with a grinder.

After removing the excess mortar, you can enjoy the appearance of a flat concrete floor.

How to repair shrinkage cracks

If contraction notches appear with the help of special machines, then they are “embroidered” to a depth of 5 mm.

Then get rid of the concrete dust, ground the cracks and fill them with repair agent.

The repair compound used should not shrink! The entire repair and installation work is hardened and poured into

the cracks,

The surface of the floor is polished. To prevent shrinkage cracks, experts recommend the use of special mineral-

polymer compounds,

Which is added to the concrete during the concrete mixing stage. These compounds compress the concrete structure

and compensate for its shrinkage.

Other Types of Concrete Floor Defects Today In addition to traditional cracks, there are other faults in concrete

floors that must be removed.

Its complexity determines the need to use certain equipment and technologies for repairing concrete floors.

Front surface lamination

If the base is disinfected locally on the surface of the concrete floor, then you can use special compounds. These are

usually epoxy based solutions

It has a low viscosity and is injected under the coating before it is injected.

Due to the pure nature of the coating, it is recommended to completely remove the existing coating and lay a new concrete floor.

However, all work must be carried out after careful preparation of the foundation. Dig the concrete floor more often,

The concrete floor surface is excavated. In most cases, their appearance is associated with a fall on the floor of a

heavy object.

If any, the residues, dust and oil in the existing hole must be completely removed. Then the primer is applied,

Which improves the adhesion of concrete and fixes the formation. Usually, the pit containing the cement

composition is poured with the addition of a reinforcing agent.

It is recommended to pay special attention to the conditions under which the repair compound should be frozen.

Therefore, the repaired concrete floor area must be kept under the film under conditions of high humidity. in

addition to ,

Within 8-10 days, the surface of the earth must be protected from any load.

Removal of burrs and horizontal irregularities and polishing concrete floors

They are a consequence of poor quality pouring of the concrete floor and a violation of proper technology.

To get rid of these irregularities, a special machine was used to grind the bottom of the concrete floor with a depth of 1 cm.

Next, the surface is sanded until the unevenness is completely eliminated. Then you need to remove concrete dust

and soak the floor with a polyurethane primer.

Its alternative is an epoxy analogue. Pour the repair agent on the prepared area, and after solidification,

Grind the surface again. Removing the top layer of concrete The deterioration of the concrete floor leads to a

loosening of its surface.

If this type of damage does not exceed 3 mm in depth, then this part is enough to remove the top layer of concrete by


It is performed on a durable and completely dust-free surface.

The concrete is then treated with special strengthening and anti-dust compounds that have a chemical effect.

An alternative to it may be polymer-cement formulations or polymer-cement formulations.

So by analyzing the different causes that cause specific defects on the concrete floor surface, the types of these

defects and the technique of removal.

We can conclude that the process of restoring the floor from concrete is a very laborious process.

In order to carry out a high-quality repair of concrete floors, you must take care of providing all the necessary tools

and equipment during the repair process. then polishing concrete floors

All differences and cracks and the technique used must be taken into account, otherwise the end result will have a short life.

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