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polished concrete


polished concrete,

Repairing concrete floors, it is considered a raw material in construction,

as it is a material composed of a very solid material in its handling and formation.

A short time ago, concrete floors were added to modern flooring materials and types,

until they became visible in finishes such as walls, furniture and floors.

We will first know about .. What are polished concrete floors?

Concrete floors are a unique and new type in the world of floors, as it is suitable for all rooms of the house

as well as the courtyard.

It is also suitable for all public and large places such as schools, hospitals, airports, malls,

restaurants, factories and all large public places.

Concrete floors are considered an ideal type of flooring,

as it has standard and ideal specifications that make it able to top the list of the most solid floors well.

Polished Concrete floors are one of the forms of floors associated with the modern decoration system,

which has recently spread in abundance. It is not new or alien to the decoration system, but it has spread widely


Concrete floors also have the ability to solve many problems that many of our customers have.

polished Concrete floors also take several forms during their manufacture, so they can be formed in the form of tiles,

and they can also be formed through a single cast to become one piece.

As a result of the fact that concrete floors are an easy-to-control material, it is now being incorporated into many

modern flooring decorations.

polished concrete…Why are concrete floors used?

At first, this type of flooring was unfamiliar and unknown to many people, but with the passage of time and with the

spread of concrete floors,

Customers know the ability of concrete floors to solve many problems.

And the negatives that were caused by some

types of floors.

Then, concrete floors became very popular after that, and customers demanded them, and they became very popular.

It has become the preferred type for many customers and many people who want to implement types of modern floor

finishes, and many of their relatives and acquaintances have recommended it.

What are the advantages of concrete floors?

1/ It has become preferred by many people because it is easy to use.

2/ It is easily poured and does not need spacers like porcelain.

3 / Easy to clean and does not require special care like other types of floors such as wood.

4/ Their prices are relatively acceptable and not expensive.

5/ Because of all these advantages, many designers have turned to this type of flooring.

6/ It has a lot of modern, new and distinctive colors that suit all forms of modern decor.

7/ It is easily combined with many other types and shapes.

8/ You can do the flooring yourself by watching some educational videos first.

concrete floors

Concrete floors are characterized by a large percentage of hardness and durability, as they are originally intended to

strengthen construction and floors.

This makes it unbreakable or crack like ceramic, which breaks easily.

polished Concrete floors are also non-slip and do not help slipping, which makes them very suitable for homes where there

are children or the elderly.

Why is concrete floors the most appropriate choice for many customers?

Concrete floors are the first and most suitable choice for many customers, as they are very suitable for customers

who like to change every period in their home and do not like to live in one style a lot.

It is also very suitable for everyone who loves bold and unconventional choices and follow the latest trends in

traditional fashion decorations.

It is also suitable for everyone who is still confused and has not decided how his home will be anymore.

The advantages of concrete floors and that it is the most suitable choice for many customers is due to the fact that it

is characterized by neutrality, elegance and sophistication.

In addition, it is compatible with many shapes and styles of modern decor, and it is also easy to change it by using a

layer of glossy epoxy or painting it in other colors.

It is also cheap and easy to deal with. It will not cost you a lot of money and will not bother you to change it.

How to get a floor of glossy concrete?

In order to get a shiny floor, you must first make a lot of preparations as follows: –

1/ The floor must be completely dry.

2/ If the land has been recently poured, it must first wait about four weeks or a month before finishing the place.

3 / The floor should be very clean and free of any sediments, dust and residues.

4/ In addition, it must have a completely equal surface and not have zigzags or protrusions.

5 / If you are going to implement concrete floors by pouring, the direction of the tendencies must be taken into

account well so as not to accumulate water in the wrong places.

6/ The method used in the implementation must also be taken into account to reach the desired design shape.

7 / Concrete floors are characterized by having different types that you can choose from the final finishing form, such

as unpolished and non-slip floors,

The floors are shiny and polished like mirrors.

Forms and types of concrete floors

There are many forms of concrete floors, such as rough, non-slip floors, and glossy floors, such as mirrors.

it is also another pattern decorated with professional scratches and other color gradations.

There is a modern and attractive form of concrete floors, which is the glossy epoxy floors, which makes the floor look

like shiny crystal.

It is worth noting that epoxy is a special type of paint, used only to decorate walls and floors, and when we say epoxy


We mean concrete floors that are coated with an epoxy finish.

Epoxy is basically a transparent material that can be colored in any color to achieve the basic required shape.

Epoxy floors are also used to make concrete floors take many shapes.

Such as 3D shapes, ivory-like floors, marble-like floors, and wood-like floors.

What are the advantages of epoxy floor coating?

The epoxy coating gives the concrete floor a lot of advantages, such as that it is considered an insulating layer that

does not absorb any liquids, and is not affected by moisture at all.

Its shape is like shiny glass and it also reflects the natural light and artificial lights in the house.

It resists many ambient changes, erosion and weather changes, and resists high and low temperatures.

From what never happened, it is not breakable or scratched, unlike ceramic and other types of floors, as it gives the

floors durability and hardness that lasts for a long time, as well as an attractive glossy look.

It is also known that concrete can be a wonderful and solid material for forming bathroom and kitchen floors,

as well as around the swimming pool.

In addition to places that require durable concrete materials that are resistant to damage, erosion, dirt and various

environmental factors.

It is also suitable as a base for the yard of a house, as it is a material that is resistant to moisture and rot.

In addition to places where there is a lot of friction, such as entrances to homes and stairs, they are usually of concrete.

How to repair concrete floors?

Colored concrete adds some rustic elegance to the room. A stained concrete floor also adds warmth to the

environment and is easy to clean with a broom or a mild vacuum cleaner.

When the foundation of your home or building is settling – most will be the foundation – hair loss and cracks may

appear in the concrete, which helps smooth the surface and allows moisture to penetrate into the room.

When you have the right tools, you can repair small cracks yourself.

Step 1 Make sure the concrete around and inside the crack has dried. If it has rained recently and the cracks are

relatively deep, the cracks may be wet, so you need to dry them with a hair dryer in a warm environment.

Step 2 Wait 15 minutes. If the fracture remains dry, you can continue to repair it. If the crack gets wet again,

you need to wait until weather conditions improve before the crack dries up on its own.

Step 3 Scrub the cracks with a wire brush to loosen any vibrating or rough scratches.

and Step Four Assemble the attached corner of the vacuum hose and remove all dirt and debris from the concrete.

Step 4 Assemble the corner attachment for the hose to vacuum and clean the concrete of dust and dirt.

Then Step 5 Pull the plunger out of the syringe and fill the syringe with the epoxy sealant,

then replace the plunger and place the syringe tip against the slit point of the crack.

Step 6 Slowly depress the plunger and insert the sealant into the crack,

then stop when about 6 inches of the crack are reached.

Step 7

Scrape a putty knife along the crack where you distributed the epoxy and smooth the finish.

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